I feel like I've tried everything in the struggle to wake up and not sleep through my alarm clock in the morning! I've tried going to bed earlier, Melatonin, showering before bed, showering as soon as I get up, apps that make you get up and turn three circles before the alarm will turn off, an alarm that shakes your bed and more! Seriously, the struggle is real!

I guess it was almost five years ago now that I started doing the morning show on Kiss Country... which requires getting up by 3 am at the latest to get to the studio on time to prepare for our show. I constantly find myself sleeping through multiple, okay, five alarms, and I still wake up late and find myself rushing every morning... not a great way to start your day!

Here are my two latest purchases in the quest to wake up! After all, if sleeping was an Olympic sport, I'd be a contender! So far, I've tried the natural light and sounds alarm. I've put it to the test for the last week... I give it a big, fat FAIL! I like the light, but the sound of the unnatural bird chirping has me slamming my hand down on the 'off' switch... and there's no snooze.

Up next, I'm going to try 'Clocky.' This bad boy supposedly will jump off your night stand and make you chase it! I'll let you know how it goes!

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