Working in a radio station for the last 28 years, I’ve heard literally thousands of complaints.  And contrary to what you’d think, most of them weren’t from our listeners but from the staff itself.  Complaints like “okay, who took my headphones?” to “somebody stole my yogurt out of the refrigerator” and “he’s playing the music so loud in there it shook my pictures off the wall”.  One of my all-time favorites is the never-ending “Something smells really bad in there.”  Course, we get the nasty notes on the vending machine “This thing owes me 75 cents” and “Can’t you ever put anything good to eat in here?”  So I got to wondering “what is the number one complaint in the work place?”  And believe it or not, if you work in an office, odds are your Number 1 is the same as ours.  According to the International Facility Management Association, the Number 1 workplace complaint is “The office is too cold”.  Oh, and the second biggest complaint?  You guessed it, “The office is too hot”.  And here at the radio station we’re not allowed to adjust the thermostat.  It is what it is.  According to, 43 percent of the people surveyed said that bosses at their companies relax the dress code in the summertime so employees can be comfortable at higher temperatures.  And that pretty much applies here at the radio station as well.  Some people even wear shorts and flip flops to work.  I mean, it’s radio…who’s watching?  But what about you?  Maybe you've got a complaint about your workplace that most of us would never even think of?  Maybe you work for a porta-potty company and your complaint is pretty unique?  Or you work the flight line at Barksdale and we'd never guess your biggest complaint?  Hit me with your complaints here so the rest of us can feel your pain.

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