If you were listening to the Ticket Trivia question we had last Friday, you might have been surprised to find out that around 40% of women will wear red lipstick to get noticed by their boss. 

Apparently, "getting noticed" by the boss is the intent of a lot of women.  In a recent survey of 1,000 women about the way women use their sexuality in the workplace, 22% of them have actually had an affair with their boss.

That number seems really high, but according to those respondents, a lot of them felt that was the only way for them to be promoted.

The survey also revealed that 60% of women wear eye makeup to get the attention of their male boss and 49% have worn a low-cut dress or high heels to turn that boss' head.

And, though we must assume that most of these have never done anything about it, 58% of women say they've had a crush on their boss

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