A surprising amount of businesses right here in Kiss Country made the list of "worst companies to work for"! And not very surprising: most of the companies that are miserable to work for also rank very low in customer satisfaction. Have you ever worked for one of these companies? Maybe you have a horrible customer service story about one of these businesses?

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Nearly all of the companies that received the lowest scores are either in retail or regularly communicate with customers through relatively low-paid workers. And the terrible relationship these companies have with their employees often extends to their clientele as well. Most of the companies on this list are in industries that do poorly on customer satisfaction surveys, including satellite TV, retail and banking. Sears and Dish Network, for example, received among the worst ratings in their sector on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and RadioShack was listed on MSN’s 2011 Customer Service Hall of Shame. --Fox News, 24/7 Wall St, Douglas A. McIntyre, Ashley C. Allen and Michael B. Sauter

Some of the biggest complaints stemmed from poor management who treat employees badly and have no real connection with employees, horrible hours including mandatory holiday shifts, and the fact that these businesses were just miserable to work for. Sounds downright depressing.

Here are some of the "Worst Companies To Work For" and the common complaints of their employees in no particular order:

  • RadioShack - long hours and poor commission structure
  • Dillard's - poor sales incentives
  • Dish Network - long, miserable hours including most holidays
  • Sears - employees complain of ancient systems that need updating and poor pay
  • GameStop - the company values sales over customer service
  • Rite Aid - poorly run company with ill informed management, mandatory overtime and holiday hours
  • K-Mart - limited hours available to employees, poor pay, poor raises, out of date workplace
  • OfficeMax - poor treatment from upper management
  • Hertz - low pay and out of touch upper management

Have you ever worked at any of these companies? Do you have any local businesses that you think should be on the list?


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