Over the weekend someone asked me if I really loved "Food Shack" as much as I talk about the banana pudding there. Are you kidding me? I have 5 restaurants in the Ark-La-Tex that I love taking friends and family to. I get a thrill seeing people fall in love with a dish. Being raised in restaurant family I full heartily believe that you should always share great places to eat with your friends and family. Many restaurants rely on word of mouth and I made the promise a long time ago to share great things about restaurants I find instead of bashing restaurants where I had a bad experience. If I find a great dish somewhere or have an amazing experience somewhere I don't stop talking about it.

When I went to Lucky Palace this past weekend I was told that Herby K's and Lucky Palace will be featured on a TV show that is very similar to the late Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" show. It got me thinking, clearly word has traveled and there are so many restaurants in the area that need bragging on. Tell me about your "spot" and why you are a regular there. I want to visit your spot! Let's keep sharing the good that restaurants in our community have to offer!

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