There is a classic tune that suggests , "you say it best, when you say nothing at all".  It's one of those sweet romantic songs that you've probably seen at least one couple use to celebrate their first dance as man and wife.

While all of us long to hear the words I love you, there are many different ways to convey the feeling without even moving your lips.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that a University of Texas study found that when it came to non-verbal expressions of love men and women had distinctly different methods of getting their point across.

The study concluded that for many women if they have a desire to show love they will do it by not doing something they all do well. That something is nagging. Ladies, you can call it whatever you want to call it, discussing, suggesting, hinting, or threatening, to a man it's nagging.

However, when you want to express your ability to tolerate us in a loving way you bite your tongue. You give us a reprieve from your superior knowledge of the world and the universe. It's in the blissful moment of silence we actually hear the words I love you.

Men are more of action when they want to say I love you without saying a word. They tend to get a gleam in their eyes, look lustily at their mate, and then grab the vacuum cleaner. The study found that when men wanted to express their love non-verbally they did household chores. They either did them solo or they engaged their spouse in a chore or project that the two could do together.

Does this study hold true at your house? I do know ladies love a nice clean home. I do know that mean love not being nagged. Maybe there is something to this unspoken language of love. If your life is lagging in the romantic department you might want to go grab the vacuum or just be quiet and see for yourself.

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