It seems simple enough. The Louisianan Crawfish Challenge means you eat 15 crawfish in 1 minute. Can you down a crawfish in 4 seconds? Chances are if you were born and raised in Louisiana you have made your way around a crawfish boil or two. When I first ordered crawfish I remember being appalled. How can one person finish 3 pounds of crawfish in a sitting?

“Eating crawfish is an experience. It’s a social thing you kick back with friends and family and eat and drink. Pair it with some good beer and you make a fun night out of it.” Said my Shreveportant friend who has tried for so long to get me to eat crawfish. A co-worker and I were recently discussing the difficulties in eating crawfish like the Louisiana folks do. It was then we discussed the Louisianan Crawfish Challenge. Can you eat 15 crawfish in 60 seconds? There are so many crawfish eating competitions that have people eating 3 pounds of crawfish in 5 minutes or less. Sounds doable right? If you can video it, and send us the video.

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