Spring in the Ark-La-Tex is the best! (Other than the pollen.) What activities do you most look forward to during this time of year?

This is our first week of long sunny evenings since the time change and Steven and I have packed our afternoons full of outdoor activities. Our garden has strawberries, squash and peppers planted; there are new perennials in the ground by the front door (that I hope come back next year); and as soon as my favorite "Wave Petunias" are on the shelves they will be coming home with me to drape out of my pots in the front of the house.

We have been planting, painting, running, and biking and I AM EXHAUSTED!! It has been 3 days of long evenings and we have been making the most of it! I absolutely LOVE this time of year! I love everything coming to life in Spring from plants, to neighborhood kids!

On my agenda for the rest of this fabulous Spring week: bike riding on the parkway, getting a few fabulous runs in our beautiful public parks, the downtown Thursday night FREE trolley tour, attending the Heath Forbes concert at the Warehouse Saturday night, and Sunday crawfish with friends at Crawfish Palace. . . . whew!

What is your favorite thing about Spring in the Ark-La-Tex? I'm always looking for new local activities and events to experience!

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