14 year old Madison Coe from Lubbock, TX was visiting her father in New Mexico for the weekend. Coe was charging her phone and taking a bath. Officials believe that her phone that was plugged in to a bathroom outlet cause the electrocution. Madison's father is an emergency medical technician and did everything he could to save his daughter when he found her in the bathtub. According to Madison's grandma Donna O’Guinn, officials found a burn mark on her hand that she would have used to grab her phone.  Madison Coe had just graduated 8th grade and played basketball and was in the school band. Her family described her as a loving and caring young lady.

“We want something good to come out of this as awareness of not using your cell phone in the bathroom as it is plugged in and charging.” said Coe's grandma Donna O'Guinn. This is a sad and horrid way to remind parents to have the safety talk with their kids. Don't use your cell phone while you're in the bath/shower. Don't reach for your phone while you're in the bath/shower if it's charging.


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