Would you know what this symbol means if you hadn't read the headline?  I didn't, and neither did 26 year old Southlake Texas resident Chris Mendiola - but that didn't stop him from getting the symbol tattooed on the inside of his right arm.  Before you judge Chris as an idiot, hear me out.

Seven years ago, Chris opened his home to a rescue dog he named Bear.  After bringing Bear to his new home and getting him settled in, Chris noticed his new best friend had some wicked ink on his underside.  Assuming that the doggie tattoo was given to Bear without his permission from former (and obviously abusive) owners.  Chris swore that his four-legged pal wouldn't have to endure any more off that, and decided to show his dedication to that oath in a much more permanent way.

Chris went to his local tattoo shop and demanded to be marked for life with the same symbol as Bear to show solidarity with his furry roommate.  I'm not sure why the tattoo artist didn't clue him in, but then again I am sure tattoo artists chalk it up to "art."  As it turns out, the symbol is tattooed on male dogs after

When Chris posted the picture on his Facebook page, however, the internet did what it's best at.  Messages from strangers and friends alike rained down insults, jokes, plus assumptions about his intelligence, virility, and so on.  The thing is, Chris isn't phased.  He is wearing his new ink with pride!

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