A Texas couple has gone viral because of a fight at Bayou City Wings Restaurant in Baytown, TX. The video was posted by ABC 7, in the video, you can clearly see that both parties have compromised motor skills, however the hand holding the beer seems to have perfect motor skills. The Baytown Police Department identified the couple as Garrett Wilder, 26, and Brittany Farber, 24. Both Wilder and Farber have been charged with Public Intoxication.

As far as how this video was leaked, Bayou City Wings suspended three employees who admitted to posting the viral video online. I am pretty sure a beer company is missing the boat here. Can they use this clip and use the slogan "Beer so good, you'll smack anyone who tries to take it."?  Maybe she was trying to take his beer? Actually, let's hope that whatever beer the man was drinking during the altercation sponsors their trip to see Dr. Phil. The couple needs to drop the beer consumption for a hot minute to work on their poorly brewed relationship skills.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Need more information click here. 

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