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Just about every weather source known to man is predicting what the Weather Channel calls a "crippling" weather event beginning this Sunday night (Feb. 14) here in the Shreveport area. Some sources are saying that we could see up to seven inches of snow in the area.

What is even worse than that is the possibility of single digit temperatures that could come our way. In fact, looking at the 10 Day Weather Channel Forecast, it appears as though from Saturday night until sometime Tuesday, we will never get above freezing. If these predictions are right, we'll see temperatures in the teens Monday morning and down into the single digits Tuesday morning.

And once we think we're out of the woods Tuesday afternoon, we'll see another round of freezing rain and ice Wednesday into Thursday.

The "crippling" part of the forecast that The Weather Channel mentioned really caught my eye. Just what is "crippling?" I'm sure we're talking road closures, downed power lines and such, but what about police and fire protection?

Those thoughts in mind, it occurred to me just how good I've got it with this radio personality thing. We work in the warm and dry studio. There's always hot coffee and the occasional Southern Maid Donuts.

So, just who are the people we need to thank the most during weather crisis like this? I've got a list!

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Ten Worst Jobs to Have During a Freezing Polar Vortex

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