With sexual assaults and unwanted sexual advances continuously in the headlines, it only made sense for tech companies to launch apps to help protect everyday folks from becoming victims.

Every day you see another #MeToo story splashed all over the internet with accusations spanning the entertainment and sports industries and even the political arena.

Sexual crimes are serious and should not be taken lightly. Which begs the question, if one decides to get physical with someone, what's to stop them from claiming it wasn't consensual down the road. The fact of the matter, is that there isn't.

That's where technology comes in. Several companies have developed apps to help prove consent when it comes to physical intimacy. In the apps, prospective partners can choose what activities they are willing to engage in and what they aren't and then they match the answers of the participants as to what's allowable. LegalFling, We-Consent and SaSie are all the market and ready for download.

I can see where this might be beneficial for couples who have problems talking about their wants and needs, but what happens if someone changes their mind? Or what happens if you're hanging out at Big Country and you meet someone who think you might want to get to know better? Do you just whip out your phones and start answering questions about what you like sexually or do you actually TALK like mature adults. Plus, anything you ever put out there on the web, and yes, your answers will be recorded, is out there for anyone, including 'Big Brother.' Do you really want something so private so available? Could it have implications with regard to healthcare? The privacy implications are INSANE!

What do you think? Would you use this kind of technology? I'm so glad I'm happily married!

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