It's pretty well known that teachers across the country are very underpaid for the jobs that they do. I mean let's be honest, they're shaping future generations, and thus shaping the future of this country; so, it's just ridiculous that they're so underpaid! Several school districts are working towards new ideas, but in Miami teachers might soon be living at school.

Miami is the third most expensive metro to live in behind NYC and San Francisco, but starting teachers only make around $42,000 a year. Experts say this means, on average, teachers will spend 2/3 of their salary on a two-bedroom apartment. Now Miami is experimenting with an idea for teachers to stay in apartments at school. 

A new middle school in the luxe Brickell area, which is just south of downtown Miami, will serve as a tester for this new idea. One floor of the school will be a residential area for faculty with classrooms above them. The ultimate idea is to have an apartment next to the school but not connected to the school during daytime hours.

Honestly, why not just keep the money for the apartments and pay the teachers more money so they can afford homes?  But, clearly, that's a crazy idea!

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