Yes, it happened.  A Chinese school girl was ordered to destroy her cell phone with a hammer in front of the entire class.

In fact, another teacher videoed the whole account and posted it to social media hoping that it might serve as a warning to other students.

According to DailyMail, the school has a strict "no phone" policy, and this young lady was caught using her phone in class.  And she obviously suffered the consequences, having to destroy her own cell phone, while her classmates watch on.

The DailyMail writes:

The school has not released a statement about the incident, which has drawn both criticism and support from the public.

Who knows whether the school will ever release a statement, but certainly the teacher's actions have sparked an international debate.  Some think this was much too harsh of a punishment while others applaud the teacher for maintaining discipline in the classroom.

It's not likely that any of our opinions would matter about this particular event, BUT what if this happened with your child here in America?  How would you feel then?


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