New Research Reveals Egg Yolk Is As Unhealthy as Cigarettes
Just short of playing Russian roulette at the breakfast table, the consensus seems to be that we are all doomed without a doubt, as the latest chapter of the great American death machine has just revealed that eating egg yolk may be just as bad as smoking cigarettes.
So what in the name of Joe Camel …
Sugar Is Making You Stupid
We all know that sugar can make you fat. But we eat it anyway because it’s really good.
So what if we were to tell you sugar can also make you dumb? Would you put down your Big Gulp and step away from your Snickers?
Pray For Emma
I haven't posted as much as I should lately. I apologize for that. I've not had my head with me...I haven't been even leaving the house on time, and usually have to make trips back for phone, keys, purse, etc.   It's been pretty crazy for us...

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