Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Release New Cookie Flavor
Lemon-Ups have joined the Girl Scout Cookie lineup. The Lemon-Ups are lemon wafers with a layer of glaze on the bottom. What makes this cookie stand out? The cookie has a motivational phrase like "I'm a leader" on the top.
Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming!
It's almost as exciting as Christmas.  Girl Scout cookies will be here Saturday.  I can almost smell the "Thin Mints" as I write...or is that a hint of Samoas? Girl Scouts from all over the area will converge in 3 different locations as they participate in their ser…
Girl Scout Cookie Lip Balm
Oh happy day! Girl Scout flavored lip balm! This is genius. Wait, no! Will this send me into a feeding frenzy? Will I be raiding my neighbors deep freeze for thin mints? Suddenly this glorious plan is dissolving right before my eyes.
Girl Scout Recruitment Event
It's the Girl Scout Kick-Off, re-registration and recruitment event for any girl in grades K-12. August 4th, 201 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Sci-Port Discovery Center 820 Clyde Fant Parkway in Shreveport. This is also a great free event for parents to learn more about Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.