A Texas Girl Scout group is safe after being rescued from Saline Bayou In Natchitoches Parish.

Adam Einck with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says they received an alert from friends and family around 9pm on May 28th that a kayaking group of three adults and six juveniles had never returned to their destination.

"We were able to put boats in the water and people on the banks of the river and search the area," said Einck. "We were not able to locate the troop until 3:30am the next morning."

Einck says the group left around 4pm Sunday afternoon and a few hours into their journey, a strong thunderstorm hit and then it got dark so they weren’t able to get back.

"They were from Dallas, Texas so they weren't too familiar with the area," said Einck. "But they were actually less than a mile from their expected destination."


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