Oh happy day! Girl Scout flavored lip balm! This is genius. Wait, no! Will this send me into a feeding frenzy? Will I be raiding my neighbors deep freeze for thin mints? Suddenly this glorious plan is dissolving right before my eyes.


Samoa lip balm? I don't mind if I do. Honestly, I'm just disappointed this trend has not made the leap to shampoo, conditioner and body wash yet.

Lipsmacker (as you probably already guessed) is the company behind the Girl Scout Lip Balm collection consisting of the following lip balm flavors:

-Samoa (coconut caramel stripes)

-Thin Mint

-Tagalong (chocolate peanut butter)

-Do-si-do (peanut butter)



I will be stuffing a few stockings this year with this delicious surprise. I just hope that the plan doesn't backfire. . . you may want to put a lock on your freezer if you are hiding one last box of thin mints---I am part bloodhound.


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