Sci-Port To Host Dog-Friendly Event
Man's best friend has lived in the night sky since the beginning of time, and now pooch loving stargazers will have a way to celebrate both of their favorite things thanks to Sci-Port.
Transit of Venus TODAY!
Today is the day to look to the sky and see something you probably have never seen before, and definitely will never see again.  The Transit of Venus.
Rare Celestial Event Coming!
You won't see this again in your lifetime!  On Tuesday evening June 5, 2012 a rare astronomical event will occur known as the Transit of Venus.  How rare is it?
New Zodiac Signs? Not So Fast!
Last week, news hit cyberspace that your Zodiac sign may have changed.  An American Astronomer presented information that constellations we see in the night sky have shifted in relation to the Earth, moon, and Sun.  Consequently, that would mean that the Zodiac sign you grew up under,…