Get ready to look to the skies, because October has some astrological delights in store for sky watchers starting tomorrow night.  Let's start with a huge ball of icy gasses that will dominate the sky tomorrow (10-19-2017), Uranus.  The blue-ish, 7th planet from the sun will be at its closest proximity to Earth that planetary orbits will allow - so close, in fact, that you should be able to see it with the naked eye.

Uranus is huge!  The ice giant is the 3rd largest and 4th heaviest in the solar system.  It also has 27 moons, and rings!  However, you probably won't be able to see anything floating around Uranus without some kind of special gear.  The event is what astronomers call the opposition, and it occurs when a celestial body travels through the night sky opposite the sun - that means we get to see the full glory of the sun upon Uranus when the sky around it is the darkest.  That's the right combination for a stellar show!

If you miss that, don't worry!  You've still got the constellation Leo, Venus visible just above the horizon after dawn, Saturn shining above the moon on the 23rd (and below it the next night), and the Orionids meteor shower that should peak around the 20th!  That baby packs about 15-20 "shooting stars" per hour!

Seriously though, make time to check out Uranus.  Everyone else is going to be.

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