You were one of the responsible ones, you actually procured some of those special eclipse glasses to protect your eyesight while you viewed nature's spectacle. Now, the celestial event has come and gone and sitting on your counter at home or on your desk at work is a pair of flimsy cardboard glasses.

You probably don't see much use in keeping them, do you?

The next solar eclipse to be visible in the United States isn't until 2024 and while it might be in close proximity to Louisiana you're not really going to hold onto those things for six plus years. Heck, even if you did the chances of you remembering where you put them are more astronomical than having an eclipse pass through your living room.

Well, there is an organization that would gladly take those glasses off your hands, countertops, and desks. They would put them to really good use too. They are Astronomers Without Borders. Here's what they recently posted on their Facebook page

The next eclipse will take place in 2019 but it will be in South America and Asia. Many schools in that part of the world don't have the funds to purchase these unique educational tools for their students. Since you'll likely just be tossing yours why not take an extra step to do something good for science, education, and maybe even mankind.

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