Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins' bid for US Senate may have seemed like a far-fetched idea to some. Especially based on the fact that no African American candidate has won a state-wide election in Louisiana since 1887.

But some of the moves that have taken place over the last few weeks have proven to insiders that this will be a competitive race. Even changing the minds of some political annalists who originally called Senator Bill Cassidy's seat "safe".

First, the campaign picked up endorsements from recent candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

Now, a Super PAC has been formed to help the Perkins campaign in challenging current US Senator Bill Cassidy for his seat. The Super PAC is known as Better Road Louisiana, and is being co-chaired by State Representatives Mandie Landry and Matthew Willard. The Super PAC will be made up of powerful names that were involved in Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards successful re-election campaign.

The Campaign Manager for the Edwards re-election campaign Richard Carbo will serve in the Super PAC. Other members of the Super PAC include political consultant Scott Areceneaux, Edwards' re-election Finance Director Katie Penland, as well as many other political experts from the region.

Super PACs are political action committees who can raise unlimited money from individuals, organizations, and corporations. Super PACs can then spend that money on political advertising, and other promotional purposes for a candidate or issues. Sometimes this form of political support is referred to as "dark money" politics, because individuals can funnel money through organizations into Super PACs with little to no public record of where that money came from or went.

The new Perkins Super PAC, coupled with high level supporters like Booker, Harris, and Michael Bloomberg, could lead to a lot of money coming in to support the Perkins campaign. Something that will even the playing field between the first term Mayor and a sitting US Senator.


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