Is it just me or are those numbers just a little lopsided?

It seems like we are all fascinated with this idea of being in our prime. "You've hit your prime!" "You're past your prime." "Maybe when I'm in my prime, I'll try that." Even I have said, "I'm just hitting my stride" which is kind of like "hitting my prime." You would think this notion of prime would be based on physical or mental capabilities. Who would associate prime with attractiveness?

The journal Science Advances, that's who.

As superficial as this sounds, this journal recently published a study measuring the "desirability" of online daters. After examining almost 200,000 users on one free online dating service, researchers could determine when people are in their prime and when they peak in the desirability category. This was primarily based on messages sent, received and reciprocated.

Sounds like desirability is just a fancy word for beauty right? And isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? You can't measure it.

Oh, just wait until you the results.

This study found that women peak in their "desirability" at the age of 18. After that age, their levels begin to decline until they reach the age of 60. What? So there's 40 years of just nothing? As for the men, their desirability doesn't show any decline until they reach the age of 50. No wonder men experience a midlife crisis? Essentially they've been Greek gods up until that point.

I hope they didn't spend money on this research...

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