Forget trying to escape this room, instead you're trying to destroy it.

We all deal with stress in different ways. Some of us need to go sweat it out at the gym, while others want a nice relaxing bubble bath and glass of wine. I usually shoot for both. Then there are those who would love to smash something, preferably something that will shatter into a million pieces.

Your wish is Healthy Expressions Rage Room's command.

According to ABC News, the concept of a rage room is already pretty popular in Europe and it is now gaining popularity in the states, with locations in New York, Maryland and Texas so far. ABC News says you can rent a room to basically destroy.

The concept is simple: There's no time limit and customers can smash, kick and throw just about anything.

Rage Rooms come in many shapes and sizes. There are rooms in which you can smash everything in site, others that feature dodge ball and Nerf guns. Some rooms are virtual reality. Some customers even bring in items that they want to destroy, probably after a bad breakup.

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