*PRESS RELEASE* - The Shreveport Regional Arts Council is paying tribute to Shreveport legend Stan “The Record Man” Lewis with a “retro” exhibition showcasing highlights from Stan’s career and an exhibition centered around Northwest Louisiana recording musicians Art of the Bands (Stan Lewis was known for recording and producing records) both opening Thursday August 20 at artspace, plus a day-long festival on the 700 block of Texas Street (in September) dedicated to to the music Stan produced, recorded and distributed.

Standing at the corner of Texas and Common Streets, Stan’s Records spent the 1950's through 1980’s as a hub for musical culture in Shreveport, but not everyone knows that “Uncle Stan” AKA Stan “The Record Man” Lewis represents one of the most significant figures in the history of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Lewis turned a jukebox route and small record shop into a music empire by distributing and selling millions of records, issuing over one thousand releases on his own labels (Jewel, Paula & Ronn) and helped write songs that gained tremendous success.

Stan Lewis has been selling music for nearly seventy years.  He has sold, released, and distributed more music than anyone else in Shreveport’s history, and his career has provided the soundtrack to our lives.  On Thursday, August 20 artspace opens “Stan – The Record Man – Retro Exhibition”, a showcase of memorabilia collected by Stan over the last 70 years.  Garland Jones who purchased Stan’s Record Store and continues promoting the legacy today along with local music historian and DJ, Chris Brown will curate this exhibition and help book contemporary bands who will perform tributes to the “historic” bands.

For more information, visit SRAC's website HERE.