Shreveport has a wealth of creative people. Artists, musicians, name it...the talent in our fair town is comparable to any major city. The one thing that Shreveport lacks is a viable arts district in which these creative people can work, live, play, and showcase their skills. The Shreveport Regional Arts Council and Artspace are looking to change that.

But they need input from the creatives!

A message from SRAC and Artspace outlines what they would like to see in the future, and they need the artists to tell them what it would take to accomplish the goal.

What would it take for you to have the space you need in Shreveport Common/Downtown. Are you a musician who needs soundproof walls, an architect looking for a ton of natural light and straight line space, a clay, metal, wood or textile worker who needs a makerspace with or without live space. Maybe you could live your dream if you could just move out of the house, out of a garage, find makerspace with shared tools or equipment. Maybe you could sell your creations if you only had gallery space or retail space, shared space, co-op space or your own space. Maybe you need affordable space or maybe you want to pay market rate and get all the bells and whistles.

What they have done is partnered with the nationwide ARTSPACE Project, and are using a short, 15-minute survey for local creatives to fill out.

Take the 15 minute ARTSPACE Project, MN Creative's Survey today. This survey of will help advance our plans of new spaces in Shreveport Common. Space could include live, live/work, studio/work-only, makerspace, gallery and other shared specialized studios, support spaces and equipment.

If you fit into the category of "creative person" and would like to see Shreveport Common become a vibrant art community, follow the link below to take the survey.

The survey can be found at:

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