Okay, so this video is from 2013, but being the slow one in our little radio family, I'm just discovering it.  Totally hilarious!

Let's just set the stage so you get a little better idea as to exactly what's going on.  This game of snooker (a sort of pool game for those who might be uneducated in the sorts) is taking place in the United Kingdom on May 3, 2013 between Judd Trump (no relation I'm sure) and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Apparently the judge had just asked the audience to quiet down as Trump was lining up for his next shot, when someone, somewhere up in the audience, released a little air pressure.  Yep, there it was!  In front of God and everybody, a sound more recognizable than that of a shell being racked into the barrel of a pump shotgun; it was a fart!

And not just an everyday, whoops, that one kind of slipped out, kind of flatulence.  Nope, this one had the unmistakable characteristics of a "Hey, don't tell me to quiet down, I'll show you" kind of fart.

It was certainly one of those that someone had been saving for just such an occasion, and he obviously cashed in at just the perfect time!

Oh, and by the way, Judd Trump went on to sink the shot and defeat O'Sullivan. Like that part really mattered at this point.

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