If you are starting to take your evening slumbers solo do not worry your relationship will not suffer for it, according to science.

Sleep Experts on Bustle have said that couples who sleep in the same bed have disrupted sleep 50 percent more then couples who do not share a bed.

Some health problems that come from not getting the best sleep possible is depression, heart disease, strokes, lung disorders.

According to Huffington Post's 'Are Your Bedtime Habits Messing With Your Relationship?'sleeping along is good for couples in limited hours.

Tucker, my boyfriend, and I have started sleeping apart more and more. It is not because we are angry with each other I just have to get up much earlier than he does. I end up going to bed around 9 pm, and he goes to bed closer to 11pm.

For a while I thought that this could hurt our relationship, but from what I can understand it hasn't hurt us at all.

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