Photo - A. Currier
Photo - A. Currier


Every week, I'll be bringing you a new round of Shreveport Trivia. WARNING: You must be Shreveportant to ace this trivia.

I definitely consider myself Shreveportant. I've lived here all my life, went to elementary/middle school at the wonderful Walnut Hill, and went to high school at Evangel. I won't completely age myself here but I've got almost three decades of life in Shreveport under my belt.

So what have I learned?

Most importantly, I've learned that Shreveport is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most unique cities on the planet. Louisiana as a whole is a true melting pot of personalities, talents, and cultures, and I believe that is multiplied even further when you look at just Shreveport. We have a little bit of everything in Shreveport, being so close to Texas and Arkansas. It's a blend of everything and that's just one reason that Shreveport is so special.

Also, when you really dive into Shreveport and it's history, you'll find that there's not many cities with history as unique and rich as ours. Music alone, I've always said that Shreveport has a musical history rivaled by only a very select handful of cities in the world.

I'm sure one day in the future I'll dedicate an entire trivia round purely to Shreveport's musical past, and I promise you, some of those questions and answers will blow your mind.

Today, to kick off the series, I'm giving you a small blend of random Shreveport questions. Scroll through my gallery below and see how many you can get right. You can find the correct answers on the final slide.

Good luck!





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