Summer is here and lots of folks will be trying to find a great spot to go for a swim. We will start seeing temperatures climbing into the 90's over the next few weeks and that will even get worse as we move into the heart of the summer.

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We will all be looking for places to go to avoid the heat. If you want to get outside for a bit and cool off, you might think about taking a dip at one of our areas many swimming holes.

The city pools in Shreveport and Bossier are open, but these spots are the natural swimming holes people love to check out while enjoying summer.

Many of these swimming holes are free, but all of them are "swim at your own risk".

We do want to remind you that swimming in the Red River is not recommended. The current is too unpredictable and even good swimmers can get in trouble in the current on the river. There are also signs warning folks not to swim in the river at several Shreveport spots.

What Are the Best Swimming Holes in Shreveport Area

Here are some of the best places to take a dip to cool off this summer.

Closest National Parks to Shreveport

The data collection website researched the closest National Parks to Shreveport, and put together some really cool stats about each one. See their results here.

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