The Shreveport Police Department will be drastically cutting down on the types of calls they will be responding to. Starting on Tuesday September 1, 2020, there will be ten types of calls that the Shreveport Police have stated they will no longer respond to.

Shreveport Police Sergeant Angie Willhite released a large breakdown of the types of call that the Department will be "restructuring". These calls include misdemeanor theft, parking complaints, animal complaints, civil matters, child custody disputes, drug complaints, and child custody disputes...among others.

The release from the department says these changes come in response to the manpower issues and staffing shortages the Shreveport Police are dealing with. Some of these changes will involved handing the responsibilities off to other departments, while some of the changes place more responsibility on the public.

Here are the direct quotes on the department's "restructuring" of calls and responses from the Shreveport Police Department:

Private Property Accidents - Officers will not respond to minor accidents that occur off the roadway. Drivers that are involved in a private property accident should exchange the following information with each other: name, address, phone number, and proof of insurance. A private property accident report form can be downloaded at (link on SPD's website). There are exceptions to this. If any occupant of the vehicle is injured, if there is damage to private property (example: vehicle hits a home), or if the damage is in excess of $500.00 an officer will make the report.

Drug Complaints - If a drug transaction is actively taking place police will respond. To report ongoing narcotic sales and known drug locations, citizens should contact the narcotics division at 318-673-7040.

Child Custody Disputes - Custody swaps should be done at the “safe swap” location at 1234 Texas at the Shreveport Police Department, The Safe Swap area is just in front of the patrol desk on the Texas Avenue side of the department and is video monitored. There are police officers at the patrol desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be contacted if needed. Officers will not respond to custody situations where there is no court order in place. Citizens are urged to follow up with their attorney and, if necessary, the juvenile courts for child custody issues. The exception to this will be domestic violence and any form of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Misdemeanor Thefts (thefts under $1000.00) – All misdemeanor theft reports will be made over the phone by calling 318-673-7300, option #3. If video evidence or other evidence needs to be collected, citizens can follow up with the investigations bureau at 318-673-6955 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m., to 5:00 p.m.

Animal Complaints - Animal nuisance complaints will be handled by Caddo Parish Animal and Mosquito Services at 318-226-6624. Examples of animal nuisance complaints are (dogs at large, reptile complaints, feline infestations, and livestock complaints such as horses, cows, goats, ostriches, etc.). Police officers will respond to dog bites or actively aggressive animals if there is an immediate threat of harm to a person.

Parking Complaints - Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., parking complaints should be called in to 318-673-6950. Please leave a message detailing the location and nature of the parking complaint and a call back number so that officers can reach you. After hours, on weekends, and on holidays, parking complaints can be called in through the non-emergency line at 318-673-7300 option #3.

Civil Matters - Police will no longer respond to civil matters concerning property, nor will they stand by why people get property from a former residence. The Shreveport City Marshall’s Office will handle those matters. They can be reached at 318-673-6809.

Ungovernable Juveniles - Shreveport Police will no longer respond to children who will not follow parent’s rules and orders (examples: children not wanting to go to school, children refusing to stop playing video games when asked, children who will not do their homework, etc). These families need to contact Volunteers for Youth Justice at 318-425-1883 to enroll in the Families in Need of Services Program.

Message Delivery and Complimentary Rides - Messages will no longer be delivered unless it is a death notification or a situation where there is a life-threatening emergency. Police will no longer give “courtesy rides.”

Covid Complaints - The State Fire Marshal’s Office should be contacted for all business related Covid mask complaints

These changes will all go into place at midnight on September 1st. They appear to be indefinite, as there was no indication in the release of a timeline for these to be adjusted.


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