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For as long as I can remember, there's been a fight over whether or not college athletes should be paid. Schools and the NCAA make so much money off the performances of college football and men's basketball players, there are some good arguments for it.

But a lot of that has been slowed ever since the legalization of "name, image, and likeness" deals for college athletes. These are called "NIL" deals (name, image, likeness), and athletes can come to terms with businesses to use their identity to promote products and brands. Sometimes the deals are done through the entire program, other instances are between individual players and businesses.

We have seen some really good matchups when it comes to NIL deals since their inception. Like Alabama's Kool-Aid McKinstry, who of course signed a deal with Kool-Aid. Or Gonzaga basketball star Drew Timme, and his fantastic facial hair, locking in with Dollar Shave Club.

But all of that is peanuts compared to LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne, who is reportedly the richest NIL athlete in the nation.

So this recent NIL deal for a Shreveport native isn't going to make him more than Olivia Dunne's deals, and it might not be as on-the-nose as Kool-Aid McKinstry's deal, but it's pretty close.

Former Green Oaks football star DeColdest Crawford has been a viral sensation online since a local news report that featured his name was shared online. That got his name in front of coaches around the country. Then his play for Green Oaks earned his interest from programs like USC, Penn State, Arkansas, Michigan State, and his previously committed to program, LSU.

Now, DeColdest is a part of the Nebraska Cornhusker football program. Which is how he linked up with Omaha area heating and cooling compnay SOS Heating & Cooling. Which has led to the BEST NIL commercial we've seen for the 2022 college football season...

This is exactly what NIL should be. Not a mega-huge national agreement with Nike or Amazon, just local companies supporting their local players. This commercial doesn't do anything for SOS Heating & Cooling when we talk about it back in Crawford's home town, but its just so pure. This is what it should all be about.

Thankfully, other people got that too. Here's a video of the team behind the NIL spot reaction to the internet reacting to their work:

Now, it's DeColdest Crawford's freshman year with Nebraska. That means we probably shouldn't have high hopes for his production this year, which is not any kind of shot at him. True Freshman rarely contribute at the level of football he will see in the Big Ten. So its a good bet that his biggest contribution to the 2022 college football season will probably be these NIL deals.

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