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Shreveport celebrates food in a lot of different ways locally. From festivals to contests, the city likes to talk about food.

But the rest of the country doesn't see Shreveport the way Shreveport sees itself, at least when it comes to food. Because a big study just listed Shreveport as one of the worst cities in the United States when it comes to foodies.

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Street Eats hosted by Ghetto Gastro
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WalletHub just released their lists of the 2021 Best Foodie Cities in America, and their 2021 Worst Foodie Cities in America. The first explained how they're looking at the term "foodie" in their study:

"Americans today apply the term “foodie” to anyone who loves gourmet dining. But foodie culture isn’t limited to restaurants. More importantly, far fewer than the many who claim to be foodies truly deserve the label. “Authentic” foodies, according to experts, not only crave new and different flavors but also savor the exploratory experience of eating, learning and discovering food."

They mentioned their "experts" in that explanation, which you can click on the link to see. But their experts do include PhDs, college professors, and Executive Directors.

The major points that the study focused on were Affordability, Diversity, Accessibility, and Quality. Drilling down into the research and rankings, they specifically looked at the Cost of Groceries, Cost of Beer & Wine, Restaurants per Capita, Ratio of Fast Food, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Shops Per Capita, and more elements.

Raking high on the list of Best Foodie Cities in America were:

5. Austin, TX
4. San Francisco, CA
3. Miami, FL
2. Orlando, FL
1. Portland, OR

But for the list of Worst Foodie Cities in America, you had:

5. Shreveport, LA
4. Jackson, MS
3. Montgomery, AL
2. Moreno Valley, CA
1. Peral City, HI

For cities like Pearl City and Jackson, they rated VERY poorly in the sub-rankings. Jackson and Montgomery performed poorly with the Ratio of Fast Food Establishments, while Pearl City did bad when it comes to Fewest Restaurants Per Capita and the Highest Cost Of Groceries.

However Shreveport didn't land in the bottom 5 in any of the sub-rankings, even though the city still landed in the five worst cities overall.

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