The Christian Center Montessori in Shreveport sent a shock-wave through the community when it suddenly closed its doors for good this week, leaving many scrambling for a new plan.  According to KTBS, the school was forced to close due to low enrollment.  There were only 10 paying students when school officials decided to shut down the school.

Staff members were reportedly informed of the closing on Wednesday, but students and parents weren't informed until the very last moment - pick-up on Thursday.   The school, affiliated with the Christian Center ministry, had a day care for children too young for  kindergarten - and taught kids through 3rd grade.  Fortunately, the school did offer daycare for parents with no other options.

Refunds for any money paid towards this years tuition were already prepared before the closing, and were made available to parents either to pick up at the school or to be mailed to them.

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