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The first week in March has been designated National Procrastination Week.  We were apparently supposed to celebrate it a few weeks ago, but we got busy and one thing led to another...

In conjunction with this annual "celebration," Online homework help site Brainly polled high school students across the country to find the absolute pinnacle of procrastination.  As it turns out, it's us!  More specifically, high school students in Louisiana are #1 at putting things off.

The study found that around 82% of those that responded admitted to procrastinating when it comes to homework some of the time (the rest will get back with us as soon as they get the chance).  As far as students in the Sportman's Paradise are concerned, a full 19% said they find an excuse every time not to do their homework when they should.

The survey asked why, and most that said they were guilty of putting off homework did so because "there are other things they’d rather be doing," or they "don’t know how to do the work or where to start.”

According to the survey, here are the top 5 states for procrastinating:

  1. Louisiana – 19%
  2. California and Florida (Tied) – 15%
  3. Idaho – 13%
  4. Pennsylvania – 11%
  5. North Carolina – 10%

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