Middle and high school students in our state are vaping at twice the rate they were in 2017.

I'm hoping that the recent anti-vaping agenda hits home for our youth and next year, we see a big reduction in young vapors. It's no secret that vaping is viewed less-admirably these days with the plethora of recent deaths and health scares revolving around the product.

However, if things continue to go the way they are trending, we might still be in the early stages of the vape takeover.

In 2019, an estimated 32% of high schoolers and 15% of middle schoolers reported using vape products more than once. Among the vapers, 55% say they use the popular vape option JUUL. Both numbers were cut in half the last time this survey was taken, back in 2017.

Let's hope that number dropped significantly the next time we get an update.

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