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Shreveport has lost more than their fair share of restaurants over the last 12-24 months. While some were able to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, others couldn't last. But now as the pandemic comes to a close, we're still seeing local eateries shut their doors for good.

It appears that the latest Shreveport restaurant to shut down is PizzaRev on Line Ave.

At the time of this writing, PizzaRev's corporate website lists the Shreveport location as "Temporarily Closed", while the Facebook account for the Shreveport stop has them marked "Permanently Closed". Additionally, this was posted in front of their Shreveport location this morning:

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

We reached out to the listed contact numbers and emails for PizzaRev in Shreveport, and their corporate offices, and only got bounce-back emails and disconnected lines.

But this specific closure does not appear to be a Shreveport-only issue for PizzaRev. The California-based company had over 200 stores at one point, but shut most down during the pandemic. In fact, the Shreveport PizzaRev was one of the last 13 locations still operated by the brand.

However reports suggest that it may not have been the pandemic that was the problem for PizzaRev. According to Restaurant Business, PizzaRev was in trouble before the pandemic struck. Their report says PizzaRev had been shutting down numerous locations in 2019, including multiple spots in Memphis, Jackson, Tenn, and Round Rock, Texas.

The Shreveport location was one of only 4 PizzaRev locations outside of California that was still in operation. The others were located in Virginia Beach, VA, Sioux Falls, SD, and Deer Park, NY. No word on if any of the other locations will remain open.

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