Wallethub.com just completed it's new study on the stress levels of the 150 biggest cities in America and even though you'd think that the larger the city, the more stress it's citizens would have, not a single one of the five biggest cities in America finished in the Top 10.  But Shreveport, Louisiana finished in 10th place.

The tenth most stressful city in the whole country!  Not New Orleans or Baton Rouge. No, right here in our own backyard.

The study took several factors into consideration doing the study.  Things like hours the average person works, how much debt people have, and other family type factors like divorce rates.

Here's a look at the top ten:

1. Newark, New Jersey. It ranked first in work-related stress . . . fourth in money-related stress . . . and seventh in family-related stress.
2. Detroit.
3. Cleveland.
4. Jackson, Mississippi.
5. Miami.
6. Birmingham, Alabama.
7. San Bernardino, California.
8. Rochester, New York.
9. Augusta, Georgia.
10. Shreveport, Louisiana.

See the full list according to Wallethub HERE.

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