Scott Wolverton has been a Shreveport Fire Fighter for 28 years.  He began serving on the Shreveport Fire Department in 1993 and has served as a Firefighter, Fire Engineer, Fire Training Officer, Chief of Special Operations and Safety and Fire Chief. He was appointed Fire Chief for the Shreveport Fire Department in 2015.

Chief Wolverton brought his retirement to the attention of his fellow firefighters in a letter. The following letter came before his Official retirement announcement:

"I write this letter to you all today with great emotion. I signed up on the DROP in June of 2020 and I have decided to retire with my last day serving on SFD being November 30, 2021. My decision to retire now is just that; my decision with nothing associated with it or connected to it. 

 It has been a privilege to serve alongside you as Fire Chief.  I have truly enjoyed this 28 year career and I know that it was my calling from the Lord.  I have made life-long friends and family along the way and have also mourned the loss of many of these friends and families. This career and bond made with all of you becomes a part of your heart and soul and it will always remain a part of me.  I have prayed about this and I have no reservations in making this decision as I know God opens and close doors to begin new chapters in our lives.  I will continue to always pray for, support and serve this department in any capacity that I can after my departure.  God has blessed me with a loving wife and seven children.  Three of those children are grown now with their own families; however, I still have two sons and two daughters at home with their whole childhood and adolescent years ahead of them. I am thankful that I will be able to be present more for them. 

 You all are the best and I truly mean that.  Please keep your servant hearts at full strength and keep making a difference in peoples lives.  Answer the calling we have all been given.  May God bless you and watch over all of you and your families."
No official word yet on a replacement for Chief Wolverton.

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