Defensive driving classes are offered in many states and Louisiana is no exception as Shreveport-Bossier drivers  take advantage of big discounts. 


Classes are offered online and at local restaurants. I live in Texas and recently completed a six-hour course in Defensive Driving a Mexican restaurant in Longview. 

It ended up being informative as well as entertaining.  How can a class that teaches automobile safety be entertaining?  It's all in the instructor.  Now if you take the class on line, you won't have the advantage of meeting people and enjoying a lunch break from a Mexican menu.

Edith Welch is 81 years old and she's been teaching Defensive Driving classes in Texas for the past 25 years.  She was all bubbly and kind and made me want to come back for more instruction. 

Taking the course in a public place also allows you to meet other people, and you feel like you really know them well after spending six hours of your Saturday with them.

 I met people from all walks of life - teachers, students, business folk and others.  Some were there to have speeding tickets dropped and others were there to get the 10 percent discount on auto insurance.

I learned that in Texas, all the yield signs are red and white now, not yellow - the same color as stop signs.

I also learned that if someone is tailgating, you should slow down and let them pass, and "pray for them," according to to Mrs. Welch.

What a nice thought. If we prayed for the bad drivers we encounter on the roads, we wouldn't want to kill them. And that would decrease incidents of road rage.

Did you know Texas has the most number of traffic fatalities of any state? And the number one cause of traffic fatalities is failure to wear seat restraints?  The number two cause of traffic fatalties is driving while intoxicated - both preventable.

 While Texas now has 35,00o to 45, 000 traffic fatalities a year, that number has dropped significantly since motorists have been taking Defensive Driving classes. 

I'm sure the number of traffic fatalities in Louisiana has decreased as well, with more drivers learning how to stay safe on the road.

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