"The Sack?" Was it fun? What on earth is "The Sack" and what exactly goes on there? Well, first a little background.

"The Sack" is a term that has come into vogue just recently. In fact, the first time we heard the term, it was used by office furniture icon Martin Grau in one of his radio ads ('I'll be at 'The Sack!')" Now, if you've heard the commercial, you know by now what "The Sack" is. And if not, trust us, it's was funny as hell.

So now we had to investigate! Where did this originate? Who was the comedic genius who came up with such a funny, yet perfectly appropriate term?

So, we asked around. We made calls. Sent texts. Brought it up in conversations with practically everyone to whom we spoke. And...nothing.

getty images
getty images

Then, like a tourist tripping over a diamond at that state park in Arkansas, we got our answer totally by accident, overhearing KEEL afternoon host Greg Atoms talking about "The Sack." We quizzed him immediately, telling him about the Grau ad. "Yeah?" he said, "I guess my nickname is catching on. I've been using it on the radio for about a month."

Any idea yet? Yes? No? Here's your giveaway.

Well, "The Sack" opened to the public in 2000. It's played host to some of the most famous musical artists in the world, including Elton John, Paul McCartney, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock and Cher. It was longtime home to the area's Mudbugs hockey franchise. Every spring it's filled with local high school seniors, celebrating their graduation.


Now you know. "The Sack" is the wonderfully funny and spreading-like-wildfire nickname for Bossier City's Brookshire Grocery Arena. And we'll even write the headline for their next sellout: "14,000 fill 'The Sack!'"

For a complete schedule of upcoming events at Brookshire Grocery Arena, aka "The Sack," JUST CLICK HERE!

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