Shreveport voters will be asked to ok bond proposals that top the $242 million dollar mark. Mayor Adrian Perkins is asking the council to put these proposals on the ballot in November. Perkins has broken the package down into 5 proposals.
The Shreveport Council is expected to vote on this package during the Tuesday meeting this week.

Proposition 1

This is $70.65 million dollars for the police and fire department. It includes money for equipment and building costs to improve the facilities used by these two agencies.

Proposition 2

The Mayor calls this his economic development plan. It calls for $22.74 million for technology upgrades and workforce development in our community. This would also include money to improve our industrial park.

Proposition 3

You will be asked to ok $64.7million in debt to make water and sewer improvements across the city.

Proposition 4

This is nearly $63.375 million for improvements to the roads and drainage projects across Shreveport.

Proposition 5

This is the SPAR plan. It totals more than $21.135 million dollars for improvements to parks and recreational facilities around Shreveport.

Some say the 3rd time could be the charm for some of these proposals. In 2019, Shreveport voters rejected all of the bond proposals pitched by the Mayor. It totaled $186 million. Earlier this year, the Mayor pulled the plug on a $207 million dollar bond package when he could not win the support of the council.


Click here to take a look at the list of projects. If approved by the council, these propositions will be on the November 13 ballot.

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