It looks like the fledgling U.S. Space Force could have a disproportionate number of space-service men and women with the last name Thibodeaux, and could possibly be looking at a long-term alligator repulsion policy for its launch sites because Louisiana has a pretty good chance at becoming the home for our newest military branch. is reporting that Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham has launched a campaign to bring the Space Force headquarters to Shreveport.  Congressman Abraham has requested President Trump consider Louisiana due to our existing relationships with the military and NASA, and has more specifically pointed out that Barksdale AFB would be the most perfect place to start.  According to the letter sent by Abraham to the White House:

Should you select Louisiana as the headquarters for Space Command, you can rest assured that you will have picked a state that is open for investment and one that has unique qualities ideally suited to support Space Command’s growth and development.  I look forward to working with you on seeing Space Command to the finish line as we take the next step in America’s rich and vibrant history of space exploration and development.”

President Trump outlined a budget of $72 million to start the new branch with 200 employees on Monday.  That number is expected to grow to $2 billion within the next 5 years.  Someone needs to develop freeze-dried gumbo paste in a tube, stat.

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