There has long been a debate over the severity of the "Man Flu."  Some say that men suffer more than women do when they are sick.  Others (like my wife) say than men are "big babies," and just need to "toughen up."  For starters, that just hurts my feelings - but more importantly science says she is that the latter is wrong.

That's right, a real life scientist from the Memorial University of Newfoundland named Kyle Sue has been studying the way that men and women experience illnesses like the flu differently - and he has made a startling discovery.  Men totally do get sicker than women.  It breaks down like this:  Women (on average) have a better immune system than men (on average).  That means that a woman usually gets over the flu faster than a man does.  Don't take my word for it, check out his work for yourself.  It's been published by the very accredited and totally reliable  

For guys this will be a bitter sweet realization.  On one hand, you finally have vindication for all the times you were accused of "complaining too much."  On the other hand, Assistant professor Sue uses the term "immunologically inferior," to describe men in his study - so I'm sure you'll hear that phrase again.

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