Growing up the question was never if you were going to college it was which college you were going to attend. Which in a way aiming for a bachelor degree is a great thing because there's a goal set that you're trying to achieve and that helps a lot of people. But not every child is the same and so not every child learns the same way. I believe education is very important but Trade Schools should be known as much of an option for kids as Universities are.

States are now noticing this and starting to move in the right direction. California is investing millions in their high schools to teach kids trades and show them trade schools are a great option for further education.

Why invest thousands and sometime hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college degree and struggle your way through when a trade school was a better option for you. I'm not saying anything against universities because they're very important for many reasons but they're not for everyone.

More states need to invest in their students future and less on just passing a test... But that's a completely different issue. According to PBS "There are an estimated 30 million jobs that pay at least $55,000 per year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree." The jobs are there now we must prepare our youth for them.

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