There are some spooky things in kale in gumbo, potholes on I-20, and politicians. But there are also some spooky sounding cities in the state too.

But these aren't cities that people think are spooky, or scary. Cities like New Orleans and Shreveport are known for their hauntings. There are also cities that seem to attract natural disasters more than others (sorry Lake Charles), which is pretty scary too.

Now I'm sure there are going to be plenty of people who want to make wisecracks about how dangerous a city is and that makes that spooky or scary. But that's not what this is. We're trying to have some fun here, not be derogatory towards cities and their people. There are jokes here, and the whole concept is fun, but not that kind of joke.

So what is it we're looking at here? Towns that have names that might make you think about something spooky, or scary. The best example of what we're going for here is Transylvania, Louisiana.

There's nothing scary or spooky (that we know of) in these towns. I'm sure there's a haunted house somewhere along the way, but for the most part, none of these cities are well known for their hauntings. At least like Shreveport or New Orleans are.

Check out the cities on the list now...

Scariest Sounding Town Names In Louisiana

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