Yes, get ready to get a little dirty and soak up some full body sun because this Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day!

According to Wikipedia:

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is an annual international event celebrated on the first Saturday of May by gardeners and non-gardeners alike. According to NBC's Today News, WNGD "has become an annual tradition that celebrates weeding, planting flowers, and trimming hedges in the buff. While it’s linked to a movement of nudists who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body, the day is meant to be funny, lighthearted and non-political, founders say."

Well, I say to each his or her own, so if you plan on going out in your birthday suit to do a little tending of the flower beds, here are a few tips:

1. Before getting started with any of the real sweaty work, make sure you trim the bushes back so you can see the whole landscape better.

2. For courtesy's sake, maintain eye contact with fellow gardeners at all times, especially ones you've just met.

3. Don't judge people who's plants are smaller than yours.

4. Don't touch other people's tools (like shears or hoes) without their consent.

5. Wear some sort of protection. You don't want to get pricked by thorns.

6. If you see bees or wasps...RUN!

7. Have fun, and try to stay out of community gardens. No one wants to be taken to jail naked.

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