In North  Louisiana, the flooding rains came in the Spring. In South  Louisiana, the deluge happened in August. In almost December, the relief money that would help both of those affected areas might actually see some of the federal disaster money that was earmarked to help.

The Restore Louisiana Task Force is scheduled to convene today. The agenda is a simple one. What's the best way to distribute 438 million dollars worth of assistance for Louisiana?

To be fair, federal dollars have already been used to some degree to help ease the difficulties caused by the high water across the state. This new money is part of a congressional relief package that was just passed in October.

As of now the committee is looking to allocate the funds across three very broad areas.

One for state contracted construction for folks who don’t feel like they can manage their own construction, one for homeowner managed construction and one for reimbursement.

Those comments reported by the Louisiana Radio Network were made by Julie Baxter Payer, the Governors Deputy Chief of Staff.

You should know this assistance money is not coming in one giant bundle. In fact, another mission for the task force is to decide who gets assistance first.

We are asking the taskforce to look at low to moderate income folks, folks that were hit with major to severe damage who do not have flood insurance and live outside of the flood plain and who are elderly and disabled.

Congressional approval is needed and expected on another relief package for the state. That round of funding would go to those that weren't helped by the first wave of relief money.

We are asking for an additional $3.3 billion, working on that, the governor will be returning soon to D.C. to ask for that but we have to prioritize what is most efficient for the recovery.

After the task force meeting today we should have a better idea of when and where relief fund dispersal will begin. There should also be more clarity on the delivery system for that funding to residents still in need.

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