Researchers in Belgium are pretty sure they've found the solution to women's long wait times at public restrooms at concerts, sporting events, or even night clubs.

Their findings suggest that if all bathrooms were made co-ed, the average wait time for a woman would be slashed by 400%. From six minutes down to only 90 seconds. Course, men's average wait, would go up slightly, but our current wait of only eleven seconds isn't terribly long at all.

The researchers attempted a number of other scenarios including a total revamp of the allocated bathroom space for both genders but none could compare to the 400% decrease in women's wait time offered by the co-ed idea.

However, I've been to a couple of concerts where women began using the stalls in the men's restrooms and to say these women had to be pretty open minded about what they saw and what they showed, would be a huge understatement, so in all likelihood, this idea will never be the norm.

And it's a good thing. You think those with a little bladder fright had a tough time just trying to go in a room full of their own gender, this one could be utter chaos.

See the full discussion at or check out the findings in the video below.

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